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Our eighteenth production is Wonderland, a new and original story inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the sequel to their 2015 production of Our Adventures in Wonderland! This new adaptation explores the balance of power in a utopian world, bringing to life your favorite Wonderland inhabitants, such as Alice, the Mad Hatter, the March Hare, the White Rabbit, Dormouse, and many more! Directed by Anita Boyer and Kasia Klimiuk, the show was created and written by both the directors and cast and will feature choreography by Boyer, Klimiuk and Krystal Lamiroult. The show will present many styles of dance including tap, jazz funk, contemporary and ballet as well as original music by Samantha King. 

OFVS Alice Jr Poster 2017.png

Alice Jr.

OFVS presents their nineteenth production, Alice Jr., which will be a revival performance of Our Adventures in Wonderland 2015 with their youth cast and tells the story of how young Alice fights for imagination in a Wonderland that has been stripped of color and creativity by the austere White Queen. Join us as Alice tumbles down the rabbit hole alongside our favorite creatures of the Lewis Carroll classic. 

OFVS After-Hours Poster 2017.png

Wonderland After Hours

In addition to Alice Jr. and Wonderland, OFVS will also present Wonderland After Hours, on Saturday, September 23 at 9pm following the Saturday performance of Wonderland. The show will feature fabulous drag queen divas, RaffaShow, Naomi, and Rusty Nails for an evening of dance and decadence. The show will also feature local musicians, singers and dancers bringing it back to the old school days of our traditional style variety show!